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Rising competition and constantly changing regulatory requirements: As a company in the German energy market, you face all kinds of different challenges. We offer you suitable solutions and processes, building on our many years of experience in the energy industry.

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When you choose adesso, you can rely on proven SAP applications such as SAP Hana or SAP Screen Personas, or on proprietary developments that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the energy sector, such as the adesso INVOIC Manager. Our portfolio ranges from analysis, to specialist and technical design, through to introducing and further developing existing processes and applications. In doing so, we focus on market communication, consulting you on implementing legal requirements and showing you your potential for optimisation.

SAP has responded to the constantly increasing requirements for electronic data exchange in the IS-U environment by creating the SAP IDEX-DE Service Pack 11 and the new components for common layer architecture. These are also the prerequisites for all future support packages for the German IDEX solutions, such as IDEX-GENF and the national register of guarantees of origin. In order to develop an efficient approach for introducing SAP Common Layer, adesso analyses the existing IT landscape, designs a custom roadmap for the ideal implementation strategy and carries out the implementation of the new SAP architecture.

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SAP products are used in many IT application landscapes to map complex business processes. Monitoring and controlling processes requires a great deal of effort in terms of securing the degree of automation required in many areas, though. In order to take the industry-specific particularities of the energy sector into account, adesso has developed a BPEM Suite based on the SAP framework that already contains the functionalities and processes that are most important in this industry.

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A typical SAP work environment is often more comprehensive than the repertory of functionalities and transactions that an employee typically requires for their area of work. The SAP Screen Personas add-on is a tool for designing custom user interfaces. This add-on allows users to process frequently recurring tasks more quickly, avoid application errors and minimise efforts required for training. adesso supports you at every level of the development process for SAP Screen Persons – from identifying suitable processes, to requirements analyses and design, through to implementation.

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There is only one SAP standard transaction currently available to distribution system operators for processing negative REMADV. However, the complexity and lack of clarity involved with this application frequently result in longer processing times. That is why adesso has created the negREMADV-Manager, a tool integrated into SAP IS-U that distribution system operators can use to process negative REMADV. This application integrates all of the required processing steps into a single user interface, thereby enabling users to save time by directly linking all required process steps. This allows users to monitor and efficiently process all incoming complaint notifications – even through mass processing.

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Checking and processing INVOIC messages involves individual processing, which calls for significantly more effort in processing invoices received for network usage billing. As a result, invoices cannot always be processed by their respective deadlines. At the same time, checking the different parts of the invoices for completion also represents a challenge. adesso has addressed these issues by creating INVOIC-Manager, a solution integrated into SAP IS-U that allows users to efficiently process incoming INVOIC messages.

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Professional receivables management is a key success factor for ensuring the competitiveness of energy suppliers. Many different factors, such as the downward trend in payment behaviour and the increasing readiness of customers to change, have heightened the situation and increased the risk of receivables defaults. In order to minimise defaults on payments, adesso has developed the retailer default process. The retailer default process is a SAP-based solution for distribution network operators to reduce process and inspection costs.

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The account status display in the SAP standard module includes the options to display accounting information for one or several contract accounts. However, no process information regarding invoicing, payment or complaints is displayed for these components. For this reason, adesso has developed a solution to supplement the existing account status display with process information from network usage billing. This makes it possible to centrally provide administrators with all of the required status information, map the respective processing status and efficiently support work to provide clarifications.

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The lock cockpit provides an integrated solution for network and sales market roles. Our solution meets the requirements of the supplier framework agreement as well as the data exchange and quantity balancing directive. We work with the associated market partner to provide a fully automated solution using common layer technology for data exchange.

The adesso collection process offers, among other things, a solution for the automated submission of receivables to external collection service providers, together with the adesso collection monitor. This meets the requirements of the German law against improper business practices. Integration with SAP Screen Personas does away with your specialist department’s need to engage in time-consuming communication with external collection service providers, as this enables simpler and audit-compliant access to the required information about the submitted receivables.

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