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Competitively priced and flexible – even when handling large quantities of complex data

Modern IT systems have to address a twofold challenge: Not only is it necessary to process more and more data, but data structures are also becoming increasingly complex. In the past, it might have been enough to log orders and customer data, but it is now necessary to evaluate data such as users’ interaction with websites and large libraries of documents.
Relational SQL databases quickly reach their limits when dealing with such complex data models. These databases save every item of information in tables, but this process is very difficult for documents. NoSQL databases are better able to map structures of this type. Relational and NoSQL technology are not mutually exclusive – after all, “NoSQL” means “not only SQL”. Using NoSQL to augment a relational database is often the right course of action to take for a particular issue.

Today, search engines are used for processing unstructured data. All of us them on a daily basis when we look for something on the internet, which is undoubtedly the largest repository of unstructured data there is. These new technologies also figure in the context of big data. Here, the objective is to analyze huge quantities of data at companies and so identify areas for optimization. From a technical point of view, data volumes aren’t the only important topic when approaching Big Data – speed is also crucial. It also goes without saying that companies need to analyze different reports depending on the situation at hand, and these new evaluations have to be ready quickly.

Our competencies
adesso has long been working on Big Data, NoSQL and the associated technologies. We have already used these innovations in scores of extremely successful projects for our customers, some of which were extremely complex and challenging commissions. Today, there are scores of publications and conference papers which underscore our expertise in these fields.

After conducting a wide-ranging analysis of different approaches to the topic, we have decided to establish partnerships with 10gen, the company behind the NoSQL database MongoDB, and elasticsearch, the firm which created the eponymous search technology. These connections will serve to further enhance our technical competencies.
That said, Big Data is more than just an item of technology. adesso does not merely provide technology consultancy services and implement solutions – we are also active as expert, successful business consultants. As a result, we can provide you with a holistic assessment of your company’s individual use cases, as well as comprehensive consulting on the issue of big data.

Our services


  • Consulting for NoSQL products – technology and architecture
  • Developing integration strategies for relational and NoSQL technologies
  • Implementing NoSQL projects

Big Data

  • Analyzing potential use cases for Big Data
  • Consulting for Big Data strategies and their subsequent implementation
  • Implementing tailored solutions for Big Data projects


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