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Increase your competitive advantage by using mobile solutions to optimise key business processes

In the near future, more people will use a mobile browser to access the Internet than stationary access systems. There are already more than one million applications available that offer mobile solutions for nearly every business purpose and every consumer desire. The strategic integration of mobile applications into corporate business processes is thus a decisive factor for company success. adesso provides support in identifying the appropriate mobile strategy and implementing mobile solutions for your company.

Optimising key business processes

“All the time and anywhere” is the motto of a new generation of online customers. Companies have to adjust to this development. This process includes much more than merely providing a website designed to be compatible with mobile devices. The mobile channel alone is not a full-fledged sales channel. In fact, companies are taking the decisive and forward-looking step to transform their key business processes so that they are available to employees and accessible to customers regardless of location.

Specialised technological expertise and comprehensive knowledge of sector specific company processes is fundamentally important for planning and implementing mobile business processes through mobile portals and applications. Just being there is no longer sufficient; the focus is now on the pursuit of a multi-channel strategy to support relevant key business processes in order to

  • achieve cost savings by optimising processes.
  • gain access to additional marketing and sales channels.
  • tap into a further channel in order to sell content.
  • strengthen customer ties by offering new valuable services.

Taking the above into consideration, mobile solutions require just as much innovative conceptual groundwork as the challenges presented by aspects involved in stationary IT.

A strategic partner in the mobile business

As an independent IT service provider, adesso ensures the success of your projects and the future of your applications through consultation, software development and operation. Our expertise in the technological innovative development of software as well as our comprehensive experience with the realisation of mobile processes and applications make us a leader among mobile service providers in the German-speaking market. This also stems from the standard in|MOTION solution as a multi-channel framework. In the context of many projects, adesso has successfully designed and implemented mobile solutions for well-known customers such as BASF, the German Federal Labour Office, Daimler, PAYBACK and PostFinance (CH).

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Simply get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you develop the right mobile strategy for your company and implement mobile solutions with lasting added value.

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