Competence Mainframe

Future-Proof Operation of Mainframe Applications

Unlike in the fields of Java and .NET, the technology in the Mainframe environment has been firmly established for many years. Spectacularly new developments are not to be expected. Nonetheless, even today more than 80% of all business applications implemented worldwide are reliably operated with Mainframe technology.

A considerable number of our customers will operate Mainframe technology even on a long-term basis, since it is quite often the case that the entire core business of the company is mapped in host applications. A complete conversion to a “new” technology would, therefore, be extremely complex and, bearing the cost factor in mind, can hardly be justified. However, there is often the desire to “freeze” the existing code and to use it as a service in its proven functionality. In the light of new developments, data and functions of these applications thus must be made available on non-Mainframe platforms.

Focussing on the future-proof character of our solutions, our members of staff work together in an interdisciplinary way with our teams from the fields of Java and .NET. As a result, the customer gets – all in one –staff that is used to thinking, conceptualising, realising and supporting in terms of platform-spanning dimensions. This modus operandi generates a sound basis for the project plans of our Mainframe customers.


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