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  • [PDF] Agile, Value-based Process Model with Full Budget Control for Software Development Projects
  • [PDF] Definition and Management of Requirements as a Basis for Successful Software Development
    Requirements Engineering
  • [PDF] Application Management
    Increase the efficiency of your application environment
  • [PDF] Accelerating JEE Applications via Interfaces and Operating-time Improvement
    adesso Performance Engineering
  • [PDF] Managing job candidates with SharePoint
    Consolidate application processes in a structured and comfortable way
  • [PDF] SmartShore
    International German-speaking Teams for cost-effcient projects
  • [PDF] Regular Review and Effective Optimisation of CRM Investments
    adesso CRM Performace Check
  • [PDF] Document management systems based on SharePoint
    Lean solutions for efficiently managing documents
  • [PDF] Establishing Effective Lead Management in Complex Structures of Banks and Insurance Companies
    Optimised Customer Support Right from the Beginning
  • [PDF] Efficient information security by Security Incident Management
    Information Risk and Security (IRIS)
  • [PDF] Efficient solutions for portal, knowledge and collaboration management
    adesso services with SharePoint
  • [PDF] Efficient and transparent publication processes with in|FLUX
    BPMN workflow solution for cross-media XML publishing
  • [PDF] Company-related Evaluation of MS SharePoint Use & Productivity Enhancement
    Free Workshops for Microsoft Business Customers
  • Make business processes transparent and efficient
    Process automation with Microsoft SharePoint and BPM tools
  • [PDF] Information Management Strategy
    Systematic integration of Big Data with new methods and technologies
  • [PDF] IT Security as Part of the Company’s Strategy
    Saving processes, data and advantages
  • [PDF] Interactive eBusiness Applications based on Modern Web Architcture
  • [PDF] Migrate IT Applications Audit-compliantly and Efficiently
    Methodic transfer of systems and data
  • [PDF] Implementing migration projects efficiently and audit-compliantly
    adesso MIG | Suite
  • [PDF] Supporting members of staff by offering a social employer management
    adesso- Social intranets based on SharePoint 2013
  • [PDF] Mobile IT solutions for efficient business processes
    Developing mobile applications based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • [PDF] Seamless integration of FirstSpirit™ in IBM WebSphere Portal
    FirstSpirit-Modul „IBM WebSphere Portal Integrator (WPI)“
  • [PDF] Optimally matched interaction
    Integration of SAP and Microsoft solutions to increase acceptance and performance
  • [PDF] Optimal decision support for all user groups
    Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) and IT-Governance
  • [PDF] Optimization of the lead quota in customer portals by means of the modular system “in|ACCESS”
    Profit margin of online sales increases significantly
  • [PDF] Optimization of business processes through professional customer relationship management
    adesso services around Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • [PDF] Optimization of dialogue processes
    iQ - component-based dialogue technique
  • [PDF] Tapping the potentials of agile software development with suitable requirements engineering methods
    Quick check „Agile Requirements Engineering“
  • [PDF] Professional Management of Customer Data and Relations as a Basis for Increasing Success in Sales
    Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • [PDF] Professional solutions for regulatory compliant spreadsheets
    Compliance with requirements for the use of Microsoft Excel
  • [PDF] Single Page Enterprise Software
    Economic enterprise applications with future
  • [PDF] SmartShore
    International German-speaking Teams for cost-effcient projects
  • [PDF] Strategical Consolidation of Web and Portal Landscapes
    Efficiency and Transparency in eBusiness
  • [PDF] Strategic Migration of Existing Applications on the Microsoft .NET Platform
    Generating an Efficient and Highly Integrated Application Step by Step
  • [PDF] Systematic Selection of Software Systems
    Minimizing Risks, Exploiting Values Optimally
  • [PDF] Templates for corporate portals
    adesso and Microsoft SharePoint
Banks/Financial Service
  • [PDF] Services and solutions for SEPA projects
    SEPA Competence Center
  • [PDF] Efficient IT Consolidation Following up on Mergers in the Banks Sector
    Post-Merger IT Integration Management
  • [PDF] Developing and implementing a customer-centric banking portal based on Backbase
    Portal architecture for engagement banking 2.0
  • [PDF] Joker - The solution for construction financing and investments
    Java-based core system with comprehensive product and process coverage
  • [PDF] Planning, design and implementation of comprehensive solutions for the SAP transactional banking
    adesso-Services for SAP Banking
  • [PDF] Increasing Productivity and Optimising Collaboration by Using the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
    Enterprise 2.0 in Finance
  • [PDF] Open-source component-based tool kit for SEPA conversion and routing
    adesso solutions and services for banks and corporate partners
  • [PDF] Sales-oriented Office Systems for more Efficiency in the Sales Performance
    Effective Reaction Times and a Standardized View on Customers
  • [PDF] From Customer Portal to Sales Portal
    Central Platform for Online Sales Activities and Lead Generation
  • [PDF] Deregulation data displayed in the standard IS-U transaction “Account balance”
    Extended account balance display
  • [PDF] Automated inspection and efficient processing of INVOIC messages
  • [PDF] negREMADV-Manager
    Monitoring and processing complaint notifications effectively
  • [PDF] Increase of efficiency by optimisation and business process automation
    BPEM-Suite for Utilities
  • [PDF] Increased liquidity through optimized processes
    Distributor dunning process – Claims management for energy suppliers
  • [PDF] New master data change process as of 1/10/2015
    Need for adaptation in the SAP IDEX
  • [PDF] Optimisation of sales and customer processes
    Services and solutions for sustainable customer management
  • [PDF] Optimisation of sales processes through the use of a flexible customer management solution
  • [PDF] Professional services around the implementation of the SAP Common Layer
    SAP IDXGC Common Layer
  • [PDF] Professional tool for improving the quality of consumption forecasts
    Temperature-dependent load profiles
  • [PDF] Set up SAP transactions individually, quickly and without any programming knowledge
    SAP Screen Personas
  • [PDF] Systematic IT security for your SAP system
    adesso Security Scanner
  • [PDF] Systematic implementation of excess / shortfall quantities billing in SAP
    adesso Services for excess / shortfall quantities billing
  • [PDF] adesso solutions in the field of GKV
    Optimization of business processes through professional sales and customer management
  • [PDF] adesso Services for the Healthcare Sector
    Partner for Innovative IT Solutions in the Healthcare Sector
  • [PDF] Increasing Medical Treatment Quality by Strongly Connecting Patient Data
    Portals for the Allocation of Patient Data
  • [PDF] Efficient IT Structures Help to Gain Profit from the Changes in the Healthcare Sector
    adesso Portfolio for Care Providers
Public Authorities
  • [PDF] Consultancy and Support for Successful Procurement
    Organizing allocation procedures efficiently and legally compliant
  • [PDF] More Flexibiltity and Efficiency by Virtualizing Desktops and Applications
    „Client 2015-Strategy“
  • [PDF] Structured Analysis of Cost-cutting Potentials to Incease Value Proposition
    Cost Optimisation in IT Following the Bottom-up Principle
  • [PDF] adesso Portal Solution Relieves Underwriter from Routine Jobs
    Accelerated Processing of Applications in Facultative Business
  • [PDF] Optimization of Reinsurance-Administration by System and Component Integration
    Outward Reinsurance Business
  • [PDF] Lean Processes for Underwriting and Pricing [ENG]
    adesso Services for Reinsurers
  • [PDF] Improving Efficiency in Insurance Sales by Discussing Health Questions via Telephone [EN]
    adesso Tele Underwriting
  • [PDF] Comprehensive Support for Medical Risk Assessment [ENG]
    Risk Tool for Personal Insurance
  • [PDF] adesso Claims Management System
    Process improvement in the claims management process
  • [PDF] Inventory Control Systems for the Insurance Sector
    Review, Design and Implementation Realise Flexibility in Processes
  • [PDF] BiPRO Standards Improve Collaboration between Brokers and Insurance Companies
    Process Optimisation by Employing Ideal Interfaces
  • [PDF] Storage and Distribution of Knowledge as Production Factor
    Working with Knowledge and Knowledge Portals in the Insurance Industry
  • [PDF] Being More Efficient with Toolbox Principles
    The adesso Broker Portal
  • [PDF] Portals as Instrument for Long-term Customer Binding by Simultaneously Reducing Expenses
    adesso customer portals
  • [PDF] Service-oriented Architectures in the Insurance Business
    The adesso SOA-Approach
  • [PDF] Strategic Development of Corporate Specifications
    More transparency and flexibility – more control of complex processes
  • [PDF] Systematic Selection of Product Management Systems
    adesso Software Selection
  • [PDF] Systematic Customer Value Analysis for Insurance Companies
    Sales control on the basis of an integrated approach
  • [PDF] Implementation of industry-specific standards by means of the BiPRO Accelerator for BizTalk
    Process Optimization in the Insurance Sector
  • [PDF] Supporting Future Point-of-Sales
    adesso Point-of-Sale System Insurance
  • [PDF] Business Analysis of Insurance Business Processes
    adesso Business Analysis Insurance
  • [PDF] Value-based Sales Management at the Point of Sale
    Sales Cockpit for Insurances


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