Software Development

From Architecture to Application

Realising client-focused solutions is at the heart of our software development activities: we help clients meet requirements and fulfil tasks beyond standard software capabilities. Our range of services includes the integration and customisation of standard products as well as the incorporation and migration of existing systems. We specialise in designing, creating and consolidating complex portal landscapes, and are also experts for highly available web applications that can service high traffic and large transaction volumes.

Implementing leading technologies
We rely on the leading Java, Mainframe, Enterprise Content Management and Microsoft technologies available in the market for our projects. Our cross-manufacturer approach results in neutrality and is particularly suited to diverse IT landscapes, where the integration of applications and systems is what counts. adesso also participates in research projects, working now on the technological developments of tomorrow and actively taking part in shaping them. This means that we are well positioned to assess which new technologies are fit for practical application.

Comprehensive industry knowledge coupled with technological expertise
adesso flexibly reacts to market needs and designs individual, modern applications through the services we provide and the technologies we deploy. To achieve this, we have to understand the specific tasks in diverse industries and develop appropriate solutions. Our employees combine comprehensive technological expertise with extensive industry knowledge. The interplay of technology and professional skills makes possible meeting real client requirements in accordance with the specific company’s individual processes. As such, adesso provides applications that perfectly gel with the individual company’s professional operations.

Methodological capabilities are our cornerstone
Along with professional and technical know-how, methodological capabilities are an indispensible cornerstone of a successful software development project. For this reason, we developed PITPM (Pragmatic IT project management). Guaranteeing that projects run on budget and on time while delivering high quality outcomes, PITPM represents a pragmatic approach that focuses on the most essential aspects of a project (the “no-frills” principle).

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Enterprise Content Management

adesso supports your content management project in each stage of the project. Read up on our ECM portfolio and assure yourself.


Information Materials

Systematic Selection of Software Systems
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