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Profound Consultancy and Innovative Solution Concepts

Within the insurance sector, adesso has a brilliant reputation as a partner that delivers innovative consultancy and IT solutions. In response to challenges currently facing the sector, we work together with you to create customized applications that deliver real added value for your company. This enables you to concentrate fully on your core business and improve your competitiveness in the long term.

As an independent consulting company, we bring the professional, technical and methodical experience gained from the projects we have completed for large and medium-sized insurers to every project we work on.

Insurance: Sales
Companies need to find the right tailor-made strategy so they can survive in a fiercely competitive market. The efficient and problem-free use of multichannel sales systems, individual sales management systems, and portals for insurance agents and end customers are now absolutely essential. We develop the conceptual underpinning for forward-looking holistic solutions while also deploying professional project management and monitoring methods to ensure that every project is a success.

Insurance: Operations
Optimizing core business processes adds to value. The insurance market is in a constant state of flux, and this requires permanently enhanced flexibility from inventory systems. We develop modern solutions that are extremely user friendly in addition to being highly flexible – they cover all business operations at modern insurance companies.

IT Consulting
Optimizing IT operations and reducing costs thanks to the error-free implementation of IT sourcing and consolidation strategies are part of our core tasks. As an independent IT service provider, we not only cater to your requirements, but we also facilitate the generation of additional value by designing and managing system architectures and migration plans that apply across the board at your company. By assuming responsibility for operating systems we or another company may have designed, we create the conditions necessary for freeing up creativity and innovation.

Further added value for brokers in 2014

On April 8, 2014, market research institute YouGov Psychonomics released a study called "Further added value for brokers in 2014". As the institute’s collaboration partner, adesso provided professional support for the survey.

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More Services in the Insurance Sector

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