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Extensive expertise in providing consultancy and technology services for the modernisation of public sector administrative activities

The public sector is adapting to social, technological and demographic change. In order to compete with other countries and regions, public administrators must create the conditions for a sustainable and prosperous economy, and a contented society. The German government has implemented a consistent programme of innovation in the federal administration, currently in the form of the “Digital Administration 2020” project. Germany’s federal states and municipal authorities have also launched a range of initiatives to transform administrative systems in line with requirements, to modernise public sector administration and to meet future needs.

The path to digital administration
We offer a full range of advice and practical assistance services to support you on the path to digital administration, from initial concepts to the implementation of new processes and technologies. Our advisers and developers have considerable experience from numerous transformation projects. The concepts and tools they have developed will help you to work with adesso to identify areas of activity and rapidly develop workable solutions. The results of the consultancy process must be feasible and the solutions developed should be streamlined, flexible and future oriented. Our close cooperation with research institutions ensures that our development projects utilise the latest technologies and advancements.

Concepts like the "New School of IT" help us focus on the future and offer guidance as you make forward-looking decisions. Please see the Services section for information about our offering. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us – we are happy to provide advice!


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